Thursday, 31 December 2015

Albert Cyprys Works With Domestic and International Accounting

When Albert Cyprys’ global marketing concern restricts its marketing of a product or company to the political boundaries of a country, it is engaging in domestic marketing.  In this case, the firm is considering only domestic competition, even if the competition includes companies from foreign markets.  The products and services of the company or brand are developed for customers of the politically defined market, and there is no concern in this instance with how the product of service could be used in markets outside of the defined boundaries of interest.  Cyprys’ global marketing firm is concerned with the potential competitor who dominates outside of the domestic market, who suddenly appears within that market with retail presence.  The results for the domestic marketer can be devastating.

Albert Cyprys’ global marketing firm also concerns itself with international marketing, the intricacies of exporting, possibly franchising, engagement in joint ventures or the full and direct introduction of a product or service into a foreign economy.  Opening up new markets means engaging accountants who are versatile and well-versed in different economies and able to crunch numbers in a variety of different languages and currencies.  Cyprys deals not only in working with colleagues within the four walls of his office, but interacts with associates around the United States .Technology is essential to Cyprys’ work, where he must reach from his desk to the other side of the countryon a daily basis.

Global marketing firms retain the capabilities, reach, knowledge and expertise, as well as the staff and insight, to deliver value to clients on a local and national scale. 

Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Albert Cyprys Combines Work and Play in New York City

Albert Cyprys is a devoted volunteer who contributes his time and effort to be of more assistance to lesser fortunate populations in New York City. He balances his personal and professional lives with an element of community service to give back to the city that he loves so much. He works with a wide variety of organizations that put him in touch with people of all different backgrounds.  This has helped him gain a broader idea of all the different types of people that live in one of the most densely populated cities in the country.

Albert Cyprys New York life includes  being a dedicated aficionado of skateboarding, and despite the hazards of skateboarding through the canyons of New York City, Cyprys practices one of his favorite activities while touring the city in his down time.  Albert Cyprys is a native of the borough of Brooklyn, where his family still resides.   Racing through the city, skateboarders cruise while avoiding taxis and the thousand hazards to travel by board.   The skateboard aficionado enjoys the thrill, whether on a single expedition or joining an organized ride group.

In addressing the hazards to skateboarders, experts assert each boarder should skate at his or her own level.  If the expertise is missing from a boarder’s skill, boarders suggest sticking to bike paths, as skateboarders like Albert Cyprys support safety rules.

Friday, 11 December 2015

Albert Cyprys Attends Dolan School of Business

The Fiske Guide to Colleges lists Fairfield University at Fairfield, Connecticut, the alma mater of Albert Cyprys, as among the best and most interesting colleges, noting the institution among its ‘Small Colleges and Universities Strong in Business’.  Business Week ranked Fairfield 63rd in the U.S. and 2nd in Connecticut for Value Based Return on Investment to its students.  Albert Cyprys attended the Dolan School of Business, ranked among the “Best 237 Business Schools” and one of the top 15 accounting programs in the country.  Fairfield is the 9th Best Roman Catholic University in the U.S., according to USA Today.

While attending Fairfield University Albert Cyprys took part in intramural sports.  FU is a member of the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference (MAAC), and in the National Collegiate Athletic Association is a Division I school.  A sponsor of 20 varsity sports, including baseball,  basketball, crew, cross country, field hockey, golf, lacrosse, soccer, softball, swimming and diving, tennis, and women's volleyball.  Fairfield offered Cyprys the opportunity to develop his skill in both tennis and soccer through his active participation in intramural sports on campus.

Fairfield University campus is within 5 minutes of downtown Fairfield, Connecticut, ranked the 9th best place to live in the U.S. by Money magazine in 2006.  Fairfield offers the unique and popular Fairfield Beach, part of the shoreline of Long Island Sound.  The Beach neighborhood today contains many more year-round residents than in years past, when small family farms and summer cottages dominated.  Albert Cyprys could enjoy this unique aspect of campus life at Fairfield and Fairfield University.

Friday, 20 November 2015

Albert Cyprys: How Important is it to get an Internship?

It is becoming increasingly clear that whilst a good degree is important, it has significantly less value without relevant experience. Albert Cyprys graduated first with a degree and then with a Masters in Accounting from Fairfield University in 2015, and is convinced that being an intern to gain relevant experience is what made the difference in his being able to gain permanent paid employment in his chosen profession since graduating.

Analysts report that graduates who may have worked hard in their studies and obtained great grades, but worked their holidays in non-profession related employment such as bars or shops, did not, on the whole, obtain the best jobs on offer to graduates. 

Employers are increasingly demanding that applicants demonstrate that they have relevant experience before they will offer any role even if they have an application studded with an exemplary academic record from a top-tier university and a first-class degree.

Taking part in paid or unpaid work placements or internships whilst still studying will differentiate that candidate in the selection process to such an extent that those without such experience may not even be considered for an interview.

With many more graduates entering the workplace, it is clear that candidates have to work harder to stand out, and internships become increasingly sought after. Therefore, as an undergraduate you must plan that work experience aspect of studies carefully and in good time, to give yourself the very best chance of gaining employment in your chosen field.

Albert Cyprys certainly feels that being as rounded an individual as possible through his experience, volunteering, and sports alongside his good grades made a positive difference for him.

Saturday, 7 November 2015

Albert Cyprys - Playing Sport Can Make for Better Grades

Albert Cyprys is a graduate of Fairfield University obtaining his Masters in Accounting in 2015, and his degree in 2014 with a major in Accounting and minor in economics. Throughout his time at University Albert maintained an active lifestyle, playing tennis, soccer, and skateboarding amongst other activities, even though the academic workload was significant. He feels that this was a benefit to his studies and it would seem that research over recent years supports this view.

In 2011, the Beckman Institute for Advanced Science and Technology at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign published the results of a traffic-dodging road crossing experiment where they pitted college athletes from a variety of sports against college students who did not participate in sports.

The results suggested that the student athletes managed crossings better than the non-athletes, and that it did not appear to make a difference as to whether their sport demanded excellent timing and tactical thinking. Researchers felt this strongly indicated that physical activity and training does reshape the brain.

It is hoped to study that outcome in more depth in the future, but it appears that the key point confirms that the route Albert Cyprys took during his studies was a wise choice. Participating in sport, running, tennis, swimming, gymnastics or soccer, whatever you choose, may sharpen concentration and focus. In addition, based on this experiment at least, may mean that you can cross a busy intersection more safely!

Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Albert Cyprys - Volunteering for Those in Need

As part of his volunteer activities with the Polish Slavic Center in Brooklyn Albert Cyprys helps to organize lessons for new immigrants to learn English as part of their citizenship application process. By teaching English in the surroundings of the center it offers those studying in a familiar environment can aide the process. It can be daunting especially when they are older for people to master a new language.

Not being able to communicate using the English language can be a huge barrier to social inclusion. Without skills in English to be able to interact outside the home, can mean that immigrants struggle to integrate, often feel socially isolated and it can be very hard to find employment.

The lessons are often based on real-life, as managing ordinary events are essential for the immigrants to learn. Helping them to manage the vocabulary and phrases for day-to-day living, can make a massive difference to their lives and those of their families.

It’s not all about the mundane, talking about cultural things and current news can sometimes spark a lively, fun discussion. It is really important that the pupils can develop the language and gain confidence to make simple conversations and greetings as initial steps in the learning process.

Something that is enjoyable about teaching in your own neighborhood, as Albert Cyprys has discovered is being able to use topics in the lessons that are close to home for everyone, and therefore relevant and interesting to them. They are more familiar and comfortable with the topic and it creates a communal sense of belonging.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Albert Cyprys - Why Choosing an Accounting Major Widens Your Career Choices

When Albert Cyprys chose to first major, and then complete a Masters, in Accounting at Fairfield University. It wasn’t simply because he wanted to work with numbers in his future career. Of course, accounting and other financial degrees do give you knowledge of commerce, accountancy practices and finance, but they also equip you with a wide range of other broader skills that will enhance your career options too. 

Studying accounting disciplines will develop your problem solving, critical thinking and analytical ability as well as your numerical and quantitative skills. You will improve your written and oral communication abilities, become skilled at arguing your case and a better negotiator as a result.
Studying accountancy will also grow your knowledge of global business matters, and how closely entwined are the actions and activities of markets around the world, and how, following the financial market crashes in 2008/9 it is a global challenge to manage and control these markets.

You also learn skills that will help develop entrepreneurship, which is valuable asset to employers looking for employees with potential to help grow and lead their business. Entrepreneurship isn’t only about running your own business it’s about development and growth in many fields.

In the modern world technology, largely, does all the number crunching. The accountant’s role is much more about providing sound analysis, expertise and insights to make those numbers useful and Albert Cyprys as a graduate of Fairfield University, is looking forward to delivering those skills in the workplace. He received his Bachelors of Science in Accounting from Fairfield University in 2014, and his Masters of Science in Accounting, from Fairfield University in 2015.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

How to Be a Competitive Tennis Player

Tennis is a sport that is usually played on a clay court, with one or two people on each side of a net. The court’s painted lines indicate the lines in which the ball should be served and kept in-bounds; and also the boxes where each serve should land after making it across the net. Due to the small amount of players on each side, a good tennis game is highly dependent on the competitive nature of an individual or pair of individuals. Below are some tips on how you can be a more competitive tennis player.
Hit the Ball Hard

By mastering your tennis swing, you will learn to transfer the weight and energy in your body towards the racquet to slam the ball with velocity. Hitting the ball hard will make it travel faster, and therefore more difficult for your opponent to deflect or even catch up with.

Strategic Hitting

Asides from hitting the ball hard, you must also work on hitting the ball in the direction that will be most difficult for your opponent to deflect. This will force your opponent to lunge or dive in one direction; which means if they do return the ball, they still have most likely left a vulnerable point on the court which you can target. There are also times when deciding whether to hit the ball short or long can also make your opponent move the most. The more you make your opponent run around for the ball, the quicker they will tire.

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Thursday, 1 October 2015

What Makes Soccer Great

Soccer is the most popular sport in the world, and with good reason. Not only is it physically challenging, but the rules are universal and most countries in the world have their own leagues. For professional players, this means that they can essentially be recruited anywhere. This is not only good for the players that they have all this opportunity, but in many ways it is good for the world. The World Cup is a perfect example of the sense of diplomacy that the World Cup creates. Despite political struggles and sometimes even cases of war, two countries will play against each other on a field where those discussions are set aside for the sake of enjoying an authentic moment of competition and sportsmanship between each other.

Besides its diplomatic properties, soccer is also a very low-cost and simple sport to participate in. All you need is a ball and some friends; and from there you can get as creative as necessary to make improvised goals and set up the field. Even professionals don’t use all that much equipment; they have uniforms, cleats, shin guards and socks. It is a widely played sport in part because of its minimal nature, which allows people from impoverished areas to participate and garner the same enjoyment from soccer that the rest of the world does.

Albert Cyprys loves to play soccer. He is involved with an intramural team at his school that has done exceptionally well; and they even recently won the league championship.

Monday, 28 September 2015

The Benefits of Playing an Instrument

Musical talent is a gift that should be used to its utmost extent by the people who possess it. For Albert Cyprys, he is skilled with a saxophone and plays it as much as he can. But not matter what your instrument is- a guitar, a piano, drums, violin, etc., there are universal benefits to playing every instrument that musicians can agree upon. Below is a list and description of those benefits.

It Makes You Happy
First and foremost, people play instruments because it makes them happy. As you enjoy yourself while playing, you are easing yourself of the stresses involved with daily life. Music offers a way to escape from those issues and get lost in the moment as you make friends of the fellow musicians you jam with.

It’s Good For the Brain
Music helps you tap into and grow the creative side of your brain. As you play music you activate parts of the brain that may not get activated throughout more routine activities. By practicing and progressing at an instrument, you become more creative and able to do more things than you had ever even expected. Music helps you push your understanding to a higher level, which you can then apply to other aspects of daily activities.

It’s Good For Circulation
Playing an instrument is good for your circulation for two main reasons. First, the therapeutic effects of playing will help for your overall health, including circulation. Second, most instruments require that you constantly move and put strain on certain parts of the body, which helps circulation in the same manner that physical activity would.

Friday, 18 September 2015

Professional Skills That Will Help You Succeed

In the professional arena, people are distinguished not only by their levels of expertise in their respected fields, but by the levels of professionalism they reflect in their daily functions. While expertise is determined by knowledge and experience, professionalism is, in large, how you overall present yourself as a disciplined and hard worker. Below are some of the universal qualities that will help you get ahead in the professional world.

Analytical Skills

The ability to think critically and analyze data and details will help you get ahead in the workplace. By extrapolating ideas and solutions from your analyses, you will become center stage in meetings and discussions while asserting yourself as a leader to your peers.

Work Ethic

One of the most common things that your bosses will evaluate is how much output they get from you every day. By maintaining a strong work ethic and sticking to your tasks, you display to them an admirable work ethic that will affect your direction in the company. Executives and upper-level management look for and strive to grow strong work ethics in all of their employees; so if you already have one, they’ll appreciate you saving their time.


By working well with your peers, you can bridge gaps in communication and get your team moving in a more productive manner.  And by generating that workflow, you will also be showing qualities of leadership that will surely go noticed by your superiors as it comes time to consider you for a promotion. For More Information Visit at

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Beta Alpha Psi

In the United States, Beta Alpha Psi is the honor organization for financial information students and professionals. They are made up of over 300,000 members who were initiated into the organization while receiving a degree at a credited university. They have over 300 chapters on colleges and university campuses. The organization was founded in 1919 as a supporting network for professionals and soon to be graduates.

The primary objective for Beta Alpha Psi is to promote student activity in regards to accounting, finance, and information systems on campus. The organization provides the means for students to meet and connect locally and encourages their students to study. They also offer unique opportunities to learn about community service and self-development within their perspective communities. Overall, they push hard to encourage their members to represent themselves as responsible, ethical, and social individuals. Members must be publicly reliable and represent the organization in the same manner.

Beta Alpha Psi is similar to other organizations in that they are funded through the organization's annual budget.  Each charter will require members pay a one-time initiation fee as well as a charter maintenance fee. Funding mostly comes through contributions from the financial industry, which includes some of the top consulting and professional services firms. Charters may also utilize smaller means of funding for minor revenue and funding projects.

AlbertCyprys of the Alpha Beta Psi chapter was a former Vice President of the organization prior to graduating from Fairfield University. Proudly, Albert received his Bachelors of Science and Masters of Science in accounting while at Fairfield University.

Friday, 28 August 2015

Skateboard Safety

Albert Cyprys has been skateboarding for years, and he enjoys the opportunity to ride throughout the five boroughs of New York City. New York has several excellent hot spots for skateboarders and those seeking unique parks and recreational areas. Skateboarding requires extreme coordination and experience but can be enjoyed by anyone.  Wearing protective gear can save lives, make no mistake about it. In a city environment, riders see many unique dangers and sometimes, they don't see them coming. Wearing a helmet, elbow pads, and kneepads can be very helpful in extreme situations, but even just wearing a helmet can help save your life in a serious accident.

If you plan to do any advanced skateboarding jumps or aerial tricks, it is important to have a good grasp of skateboarding basics. The adage of "practice makes perfect" truly applies to skateboarding. Skateboarding is a sport that requires strong instincts, unique strength, balance and agility and often fearlessness.

Skateboarding can be an easy and cost-effective way to get around town is also a fairly simple and fast method for commuting around car traffic. In a city, cars are often at a dead stop so finding quicker paths can be truly beneficial if you're in a hurry. However, if you have deliveries or packages, you may want to consider a bike or a really big backpack.  You may also want to consider the level of exercise required to ride a skateboard, it's a great way to stay in shape while saving time, money and stress. Yup, riding a skateboard is great stress relief.

Saturday, 22 August 2015

Learning to Play an Instrument is Rewarding

Music is rewarding in many different ways, for both listeners and players. While creating a pleasant tune or performing for friends and family can feel rewarding there are also several unique benefits to playing an instrument.

Any form of creativity allows an opportunity to self-improve and express your passions. Consistency is critical to learning to play an instrument. Having a constant and steady rehearsal will allow you to build up muscle memory and enable instincts that make playing easier. This method will also teach you to be consistent, driven and precise. Musicians are also highly organized because the process of learning an instrument mandates that the musician must figure out the best use of their time. They also must know how to organize best the tasks and rehearsals they will need to accomplish to make as much progress as possible.

Working as a musician also requires teamwork and cooperation. The act of learning an instrument can help to improve team-building and develop teamwork skills. Music is most effective when bands and orchestras have individuals who work together, which makes it necessary for each player to know their role in a work of art. Understanding collaboration and cooperation with other musicians helps achieve the common goal and create a beautiful masterpiece. Playing as a musician requires immense coordination by using both your hand and eyes and learning to develop music proficiency in any instrument. Music requires hand-eye coordination, which genuinely improves with repetition through the learning process.

AlbertCyprys enjoys playing saxophone and appreciates every opportunity to play music alongside fellow musicians.