Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Albert Cyprys - Different Types of Bicycles

Whether it is for enjoyment, exercise or even a commute, Albert Cyprys loves to ride his bike. As a resident of New York City, he also has the benefit of living in a bike-friendly city where you can get anywhere via two wheels. Furthermore, it is also an area of varied terrain, where numerous different types of the bikes, such as the ones below, would fare well in the city.

Road Bike
The most popular choice among bike commuters, the road bike is the fastest and lightest of bicycle types, thus making it the preferred choice of long-distance riders. With a road bike’s slim wheels and frame, a rider can arrive at their destinations faster. They can also enjoy easier carrying, if they find themselves needing to carry their bikes up stairs.

Mountain Bike
Mountain bikes fall into similar levels of practicality to the road bike, as their many gears allow riders to have a comfortable ride uphill. Mountain bikes tend to have larger frames and tires, which makes them more stable to the ground. Mountain bikes, however, are the heaviest non-motorized bike option, which could be uncomfortable for those who have to carry their bikes up flights of stairs.

BMX Bike
A BMX bike is, in all likelihood, the least versatile of bicycles. Built mostly for riding dirt jumps and in skate parks, a BMX bike has no gears. But for what it lacks in ability, a BMX makes up for in overall fun because of the tricks and jumps that BMX riders do.

Albert Cyprys has ridden these types of bikes and more.

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Albert Cyprys - Running a Play in Basketball

As Albert Cyprys knows, basketball is a team sport that requires equal involvement from all players on the court. There is no particularly easy or hard position in the sport; rather, the performance of a team relies heavily on the players’ ability to work together. When a team has developed chemistry amongst its players, often the next thing to be configured is offensive plays that can help the team be more effective at scoring points. Below are some of the key elements of running an effective offensive attack.


In order to run an effective play on offense, players must communicate with each other and be in position to act according to the play. When an offensive play takes place, the point guard usually makes a signal of some sort. It could be a keyword or phrase, or it could be a hand signal. This will indicate the start of the play, and then all players will go on to follow the routine play they built in practice.

Setting Picks

One of the most crucial parts of an offensive play is to set picks for the shooter. A pick is when a player uses his or her body to block a defender who is following an offensive player along a route. Once the pick is set, the offensive player will be given the ability to have a clear shot without any disruption from a defender.

Albert Cyprys loves to play basketball with his friends in New York City.

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Albert Cyprys - Free and Accessible Ways to Exercise

Albert Cyprys likes to keep fit through adhering to a regular workout routine. As a person who is as resourceful as he is athletic, Cyprys has often opted for forms of exercise that don’t necessitate a gym membership. Instead, he likes to take advantage of what’s around him, and participate in some of the following activities.


Skateboarding is not only Albert Cyprys’s favorite hobby, but it is also a great form of exercise. Riding a skateboard is a fun activity that also works out the legs and core of your body, not to mention helps with cardiovascular health. But all of those reasons do not carry the weight of the sheer joy that Albert gets out of riding his skateboard around the streets of New York City.


Another fun physical activity that Albert Cyprys engages in regularly is playing basketball. As a team sport, basketball not only demands a player be in good physical shape, but it also helps develop social and teamwork abilities that can be useful in everyday life. 


Riding a bike is one of the most traditional ways to travel while also getting some quality exercise. Riding a bike is a great cardiovascular exercise that is also good for the legs and back. What’s even more important is that biking is a great way to commute, especially if you live in a busy city like NYC.
Albert Cyprys does these types of exercises and more on a regular basis because of how accessible and economical they are.