Thursday, 21 January 2016

Albert Cyprys - Watch What You Eat

Albert Cyprys understands the importance of maintaining both a healthy body and a sound mind. He leads an active life that focuses on personal fitness and proper eating habits.

Unfortunately, studies show that not very many adults meet the criteria for a healthy lifestyle. Only about three percent of American adults met all the four basic standards of healthy living, according to one study. Those standards include maintaining a healthy diet, getting plenty of exercise, maintaining the proper weight, and not smoking. The good news is that it only a few lifestyle changes can make a big difference. All of these lifestyle changes are most effective when done together, but even one or two of them can make a difference.

One of the most basic things to consider is how you eat; experts say that a healthy diet is essential to longevity. The focus should be on eating a diet of whole, nutritious foods instead of junk food and processed foods. Junk food and processed foods are loaded with sugar and unhealthy, “empty” calories that can raise insulin levels. Raised insulin levels can not only accelerate the aging process but increase the risks of chronic disease and obesity. The best diet focuses on whole, unprocessed foods that is heavy on organic vegetables, grass-fed meats, raw dairy, and nuts.

Albert Cyprys has an increasing interest in whole, organic foods and a healthy diet. He also gets plenty of exercise.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Distinguished Beta Alpha Psi Member Albert Cyprys Works in Global Marketing

Albert Cyprys is a member of Beta Alpha Psi, an honorary accountant’s organization with a distinguished history.   First president Russell Morrison was the only one of the original founding members who was still a practicing CPA by 1939, and was also a member of the American Accounting Association.  Morrison helped further the cause of accounting and CPA’s through his work on the Committee to Prepare a Statement of Basic Accounting Theory.  Beta Alpha Psi created a national constitution in 1921, but did not admit women until 1950 when Jeannie Skelton of Miami University was admitted as the first female member.

Today, Beta Alpha Psi has chapters at the University of Sydney and the University of Technology Sydney, Australia.  Massey University, the University of Auckland, the University of Waikato and Victoria University, all of New Zealand, also support chapters of Beta Alpha Psi.  The organization’s Professional Partners is a group of prominent professional accountants in public accounting, industry and government who provide advice and assistance to the operations and special projects of Beta Alpha Psi.  On a local level, students guide each chapter’s work, but local chapters such as that of Albert Cyprys may act as accounting honor societies, or as financial information fraternities.

Today, Albert Cyprys continues his association with Beta Alpha Psi, as he works as an accountant, evaluating and pricing products appropriately in a variety of worldwide markets, calculating delivery costs and information into a total estimate of evaluations of cost versus profit, which in turn is affected by the determination of the appropriate profit margin for the product and for the market.