Friday, 1 February 2013

Albert Cyprys Talks Skateboarding

Albert Cyprys has been skateboarding for years. Albert has bravely skateboarded through the crowded and bustling streets of New York City, including all five boroughs. Albert Cyprys is even now skateboarding through the less-crowded streets of Fairfield, Connecticut while at Fairfield University.  It is safe to say that Albert Cyprys would be a good person to ask about skateboarding if you have any skateboarding questions.

So if you were just starting out as a skateboarder and asked Albert Cyprys about skateboarding, he would have a few suggestions for you. Albert Cyprys knows that bigger wheels are better for beginners because they allow the rider to ride the skateboard over larger debris. This could include: gravel, litter, cracks in the street or sidewalk, curbs or any multitude of things that could potentially disturb your ride. An advanced rider would easily be able to ride a skateboard with smaller wheels. Smaller wheels allow the rider to perform tricks easier. 

Albert Cyprys recommends that beginner riders also use loose “trucks.” Trucks are like the axels of a skateboard; the trucks keep the wheels and board connected. Tighter trucks allow the rider to keep a balance, so looser trucks would allow the rider to travel at slower speeds and also be able to turn easier and more accurately.

One more recommendation for beginners from Albert Cyprys is to use low speed bearings in their skateboards. The low speed bearing will keep the top speed of the rider down to a lower speed than that of a higher bearing, allowing beginners to get better acclimated with their skateboard before traveling at high speeds.

Lastly, Albert Cyprys also recommends that skateboarders of any experience level should always wear the proper safety gear when skateboarding.