Thursday, 19 September 2013

Albert Cyprys Explores New York by Skateboard

Albert Cyprys’ skateboard has taken him all over the city. Since he made the committed effort to give up most public transportation (not to mention his own car), Albert Cyprys has been using his skateboard as his primary method of transportation. By sticking to the sidewalks, Albert Cyprys has learned more about his city than he ever could have while sitting in a bus or the back of a taxicab.

First, Albert Cyprys learned that he is not alone. There is a thriving, vibrant community of New Yorkers who get around by alternative methods of transportation. Albert Cyprys loves the feeling of connecting with others throughout the day as they pass by each other.

Second, Albert Cyprys has discovered the majority of his favorite haunts around New York because he skated past them. This is something that never would have happened inside a vehicle or on the subway. Albert Cyprys’ favorite pizza joint lies through an alleyway he tried as a shortcut once. His favorite record store lives in a neighborhood he stumbled across when one of his board’s wheels broke and he needed a repair fast. And Albert Cyprys cannot find himself the fifteen or so blocks away from his home without stopping for a coffee at a café that’s the best-kept secret in New York.

Of course, when the weather gets too horrible, Albert Cyprys will cave and hop on a bus, or take the subway the three miles to work. But by and large, he much prefers to explore the open air on his board, and see what he will stumble across next.