Wednesday, 12 October 2016

Albert Cyprys - Benefits of Low Body Fat Levels

As a fitness enthusiast, Albert Cyprys likes to keep his body fat percentage relatively low. Developing a body that has around 10-12% or 20-26% fat on it – the low ratio for men, the higher ratio for women – comes with various positive benefits.

Reducing the Chances of Potential Heart Troubles

The number one positive benefit of a lower body fat percentage is significantly reduced chances of heart problems. Fit people can experience heart problems too, but when they do, there is usually a genetic factor that is causing it, rather than a lifestyle issue. People who carry excess body weight put more stress on their heart, which can cause problems in the long run.

Other Potential Health Benefits

It’s proven that people who carry considerable extra weight around their stomach face a significantly higher risk of developing diabetes. (That’s when the body’s blood glucose levels are too high because it cannot use glycogen correctly). Diabetes usually happens when the pancreas cannot produce enough insulin, a very important hormone that helps the glucose in the blood find its destination. Those who have relatively low body fat percentages face a significantly reduced risk of ever developing the disease.

Improved Confidence

While not a direct physiological benefit per se, improved confidence can play a very important part in your mental health. When your confidence is higher, you can be more productive, and even be happier.

Albert Cyprys is a fitness enthusiast who enjoys trying out different fitness and diet disciplines and helping others, so that they too can reach their fitness goals.