Monday, 28 September 2015

The Benefits of Playing an Instrument

Musical talent is a gift that should be used to its utmost extent by the people who possess it. For Albert Cyprys, he is skilled with a saxophone and plays it as much as he can. But not matter what your instrument is- a guitar, a piano, drums, violin, etc., there are universal benefits to playing every instrument that musicians can agree upon. Below is a list and description of those benefits.

It Makes You Happy
First and foremost, people play instruments because it makes them happy. As you enjoy yourself while playing, you are easing yourself of the stresses involved with daily life. Music offers a way to escape from those issues and get lost in the moment as you make friends of the fellow musicians you jam with.

It’s Good For the Brain
Music helps you tap into and grow the creative side of your brain. As you play music you activate parts of the brain that may not get activated throughout more routine activities. By practicing and progressing at an instrument, you become more creative and able to do more things than you had ever even expected. Music helps you push your understanding to a higher level, which you can then apply to other aspects of daily activities.

It’s Good For Circulation
Playing an instrument is good for your circulation for two main reasons. First, the therapeutic effects of playing will help for your overall health, including circulation. Second, most instruments require that you constantly move and put strain on certain parts of the body, which helps circulation in the same manner that physical activity would.