Tuesday, 13 October 2015

How to Be a Competitive Tennis Player

Tennis is a sport that is usually played on a clay court, with one or two people on each side of a net. The court’s painted lines indicate the lines in which the ball should be served and kept in-bounds; and also the boxes where each serve should land after making it across the net. Due to the small amount of players on each side, a good tennis game is highly dependent on the competitive nature of an individual or pair of individuals. Below are some tips on how you can be a more competitive tennis player.
Hit the Ball Hard

By mastering your tennis swing, you will learn to transfer the weight and energy in your body towards the racquet to slam the ball with velocity. Hitting the ball hard will make it travel faster, and therefore more difficult for your opponent to deflect or even catch up with.

Strategic Hitting

Asides from hitting the ball hard, you must also work on hitting the ball in the direction that will be most difficult for your opponent to deflect. This will force your opponent to lunge or dive in one direction; which means if they do return the ball, they still have most likely left a vulnerable point on the court which you can target. There are also times when deciding whether to hit the ball short or long can also make your opponent move the most. The more you make your opponent run around for the ball, the quicker they will tire.

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