Friday, 23 August 2013

Transportation Options in New York

There are not a lot of transportation options in New York City if you need to get somewhere quickly. Your choices are to hail a cab, hop on a bus, or descend into the subway. Albert Cyprys has come up with an alternative to these transportation options in New York City: skateboarding. Skateboarding through the city streets of New York is not only a healthy way to get around town, but it also gives you control over your schedule.

Albert Cyprys is a New Yorker who has been skateboarding through the five boroughs of New York City for many years. This has given him the opportunity to meet many new people and be able to be responsible for his own schedule. No longer is he dependent on a bus or subway schedule. He can go where he wants, when he wants to go. There are no more nights standing on the corner trying to hail a cab. Albert Cyprys is no longer stuck in rush-hour traffic, looking at his watch and wondering when he will arrive at his destination. He has complete control over his schedule.

There are many benefits to skateboarding in New York City. In addition to being in charge of his own schedule, Albert Cyprys is also able to get exercise and stay active while skateboarding through the five boroughs. Getting out and being able to see the city from a different perspective has given Albert Cyprys the opportunity to meet new people around the city.

Albert Cyprys enjoys seeing other people skateboarding around New York City. It appears that his mode of transportation is catching on. No longer are people stuck in traffic or in a subway car when the power goes out. Albert Cyprys hopes that his mode of transportation will revolutionize New York City.