Saturday, 10 August 2013

Albert Cyprys is a Team Player

Albert Cyprys is a strong believer in the importance of being a team player both on and off the field. From his early days at Fairfield University he is a big proponent of teamwork in intramural soccer games, which also extended to teamwork in accounting and professional respects. He firmly believes in the importance of being able to work within a team framework in all aspects of life, which is something he strives to embody in his personal and professional realms every day.
Even while growing up, Albert Cyprys knew that being part of a team was important, and he has been on many teams. From soccer to band, Albert Cyprys knows how to organize and get along with large groups of people. People like Albert Cyprys who were born with strong leadership skills naturally are the ones that everyone looks to for direction and Albert Cyprys is more than happy to step up and lead. Under his leadership his soccer team at Fairfield University won the intramural soccer championship.
In addition to sports and music teams, Albert Cyprys has been involved in several academic teams and organizations. Beta Alpha Psi, an international honors business organization for accounting students, is a group that Albert Cyprys is a member of in college at Fairfield University. Working with academic groups has taught Albert Cyprys the value of building a strong team of people that you can depend on. Also while at Fairfield University, Albert Cyprys was a three-year member of the accounting club. Through this experience he learned the value of keeping in touch with past teammates. The valuable connections from teams that you have been on will last a lifetime. While many students are content to just go to class and do minimal studying, Albert Cyprys enjoys his involvement with academic groups and organizations, which challenge students and help them connect with those with similar interests or professional goals.