Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Albert Cyprys: Soccer Champion

While competing in the intramural soccer championships at Fairfield University in Connecticut, Albert Cyprys led his team to victory. Always a soccer fan, Albert Cyprys has been in a leadership position on most teams that he has been a part of. A soccer player since he was a young boy, Albert Cyprys solidified people’s already high views of him by scoring the winning goal in the final seconds of his team’s deciding game. Albert Cyprys knows that the key to victory in soccer or any sport is cooperation and leadership. Leading a team and planning out game-winning strategies are things that are Albert Cyprys’ strengths.
Albert Cyprys believes that hard work and determination are what is required to compete and win at such a high level in sports. With credit to his teammates, Albert Cyprys proves that he is a team player and a motivating force behind the soccer team at Fairfield University. Albert Cyprys has always been the first one to the practice field and the last one to leave. Putting in the hours of practice is what has set Albert Cyprys apart from other soccer players. Albert Cyprys knows that natural ability will only take you so far in life. You need to put in the hours of practice if you are going to excel at something like Albert Cyprys does at soccer. Albert Cyprys is a household name in the soccer community because of his decisive victory in the intramural soccer championships.

Being a team player while also being the driving force behind the team is where Albert Cyprys excels. Albert Cyprys was instrumental in the team’s victory, and has proven himself to be a leader both on and off the soccer field. Albert Cyprys has taken the skills that he has learned on the soccer field and has translated them into a successful career in the accounting industry. Truly, hard work and determination are working for Albert Cyprys.