Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Albert Cyprys is a Musician in New York

Albert Cyprys is living in New York City. Music has always been an important part of Albert Cyprys’ life. While growing up, Albert Cyprys always had natural musical ability and as a child he could pick up an instrument and begin to play. As he grew up, his musical ability has continued to grow and now Albert Cyprys is proficient in many areas of music including playing the saxophone. Music is something that comes naturally to Albert Cyprys and he is able to play by ear; that is, without reading the sheet music. Although Albert Cyprys has skill in many different instruments, his love of the saxophone has always been strongest. With every new instrument that he tries, Albert Cyprys always returns to the saxophone.

Albert Cyprys sees the connection between music and math and believes this is why he has been drawn to a career in the accounting field. Studies have shown that people like Albert Cyprys who have natural musically ability, tend to have very high math and analytical skills. Albert Cyprys continues to pursue music while creating a professional career in the accounting field. His continuing study of music is something that Albert Cyprys credits with his advanced skill in accounting. During his college years at Fairfield University in Connecticut, Albert Cyprys continued to study music while taking academically challenging courses and being active in several academic organizations.
With advances in social media and online platforms, music enthusiasts like Albert Cyprys can access music and listen to new artists and bands online, often for free. Websites help to bring new music to people like Albert Cyprys, who love to listen to music and share it with their friends. Albert Cyprys doesn’t have his own music online since he is not a professional musician, but enjoys listening to the music of other musicians through these online platforms.