Wednesday, 10 February 2016

Albert Cyprys - Bike Commuting

Albert Cyprys knows the value of working hard, particularly as a longtime professional of New York City. He is known as a hard-working team player with a buoyant and infectious personality.

He maintains an active lifestyle that emphasizes healthy eating and plenty of exercise. One of the activities he most enjoys is riding his bicycle, and like millions of other Americans he is discovering that riding his bike a lot not only has obvious health benefits, it has some financial benefits, too.

It is vastly cheaper to rely on bicycle transportation than it is to rely on driving a car. According to one study it costs nearly nine thousand dollars a year, on average, to own and use an automobile. That’s compared to about three hundred dollars to keep a bike in good condition and on the road. That’s about thirty times less than the cost of maintaining a car. The Sierra Club says that if American drivers made just one four-mile round trip a week by bike instead of by car, there would be a cumulative savings of nearly two billion dollars of gasoline.

Bike commuting is also very healthy: you’re getting exercise, even as you go from point A to point B. Bike commuters lose an average of about thirteen pounds during their first year of cycling. It’s an excellent cardiovascular workout. Best of all, by getting to work on your bike instead of a car, you bypass morning traffic jams.

Albert Cyprys enjoys the benefits of bike riding in and around his home in New York.