Thursday, 13 August 2015

Albert Cyprys - Fairfield University Values

Fairfield University is a Jesuit, Catholic university in spirit and mission. Their goals for students include furthering the progress of a sense of social responsibility and making sure that all students embrace and develop their full potentially with creativity and intellect.

To better the world, the University provides a liberal arts education that is both broad and deep. They respect the fact that first and foremost you have to understand the world from several unique viewpoints. They believe that each and every student is a moldable individual with infinite potential, and they embrace the opportunity to convert their strengths and skills into careers. As a student at Fairfield, you will heavily rely on reflection to gain and evaluate knowledge while identifying social issues.

Fairfield University has awarded over 45,000 college degrees since it was founded in 1942. Every degree represents a different milestone for a student who has embraced their talent and released himself or herself out into the world.

Fairfield University celebrates the God-given dignity of every human being and is Catholic in both tradition and spirit. Although the school is Catholic in tradition, it welcomes those from all beliefs and traditions who share its dedication to justice, truth, freedom, and scholarship. The school values the diversity that their membership offers to the community of universities and scholars worldwide.

Albert Cyprys graduated from Fairfield University, and he received his Bachelors of Science in Accounting. He went on to receive a Masters of Science in Accounting. During his time of the study, he was also an active member of intramural sports, the accounting club, and the vice-president of Alpha Beta Psi.