Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Albert Cyprys: Helping to Feed the Hungry

Community service has always been a passion of Albert Cyprys, who continues to donate his time to a local New York City soup kitchen. He is proud of being a part of the effort to feed the city’s hungry, and hopes to be active in the organization for many years to come.

As a soup kitchen volunteer, Albert Cyprys has served in a variety of functions. During the kitchen’s morning shift, Cyprys’s duties have included preparing meals, setting up and organizing the dining area for use, and providing a breakfast menu that included fruit, coffee and pastries to hungry patrons. During the kitchen’s afternoon shift, Albert Cyprys often partook in clearing off and cleaning tables, greeting guests, washing dishes and serving the afternoon meals. He has worked alongside many fellow volunteers who have helped to provide him the direction and guidance he needed to be a more successful volunteer.

Albert Cyprys believes the experience of working in a New York City soup kitchen has been an incredibly eye-opening experience, showing him just how prevalent poverty and hunger is throughout the Big Apple. Serving food to the hungry gave him a better and deeper appreciation for what many of the city’s residents go through on a daily basis, and showed him the importance of both the work he has done, as well as the people that commit their time to the cause.
Albert Cyprys makes time for volunteering whenever he can. Though he continues to be a busy college student, he always sets aside time in his weekly schedule to help those in need.