Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Albert Cyprys: Effective Team Building

Albert Cyprys has always been known as a team player; someone who has always been willing to work with others in pursuit of a common goal, and to do whatever it takes to create cohesion and collaboration amongst teammates. As an experienced team player and an ever-focused individual, Albert Cyprys stands out from his colleagues, earning the reputation of a person with dedication and commitment to the completion of team objectives.

Building an effective team, as Cyprys knows, requires adherence to a few simple and easy applicable ideas.

Never Dismiss an Idea
Successful teams depend on the input of everyone on the team, as Albert Cyprys knows, making it important to never dismiss a teammates idea as inconsequential or inapplicable. It’s important to foster a team environment that willingly accepts the introduction of ideas from everyone.

Positive Mediation
Teammates should be encouraged to seek out opportunities for mediation and resolution. Minor conflicts are going to happen, says Albert Cyprys, making effective and positive mediation important to resolution and the pursuit of the common objective.

Encourage Communication
Always go the extra mile to ensure that communication flows freely and abundantly in a team setting. Never attempt to suppress anyone’s ability to effectively express their views. Rather, encourage all of your teammates to be open and honest with their ideas and criticisms.

Delegate Effectively
Each individual teammate, says Albert Cyprys, has a certain responsibility to the group, which means everyone needs to know what their tasks are and to be assigned responsibilities that best meet their specific skillsets.