Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Albert Cyprys: Helping Those In Need

Albert Cyprys is a believer in helping those in need. He is a student at Fairfield University in Connecticut, where he is an Accounting major.

Albert Cyprys lives in New York City, where he has a passion for improving people's lives. He devotes most of his time to his studies, but recognizes that many people haven't had the same opportunities in life that he has had. Because of this, Albert Cyprys thinks that it is his duty to commit himself to as much community service as he can.

Volunteering can take a lot of energy, Albert Cyprys has learned. But he is committed to making a difference in the lives of those who need it the most. Albert Cyprys is a detail-oriented young man who is known as imaginative and creative. Volunteering, he says, doesn't have to be solemn or straining all the time; when volunteers approach their service with passions and humor, they can really help bring life into the tasks at hand.

Organizers say volunteers like Albert Cyprys tend to have selflessness and self-sacrifice as common traits. They also tend to be imaginative and creative, and have natural, built-in integrity.

Albert Cyprys currently attends Fairfield University in Connecticut, where he is working on an accounting degree. He is a member of the Beta Alpha Psi honorary academic organization, and continues to maintain a good grade point average as he commits himself to his studies. Albert Cyprys knows it isn't easy to remain dedicated to lofty academic goals, though Albert Cyprys believes persistence is key to career success.