Friday, 15 March 2013

5 Reasons Albert Cyprys Loves Photography

For much of his life, family and friends have known Albert Cyprys for carrying a camera wherever he goes. Whether it’s throughout New York City or on travels throughout the United States and abroad, Albert Cyprys enjoys taking pictures with his cameras and sharing the shots with his friends. Whiles some people would find carrying a camera everywhere to be exhausting, Albert Cyprys considers photography to be a central part of his life.

Reasons that Albert Cyprys loves photography and encourages others to do so as well include:

1.      Being able to capture a moment that you can remember forever. Aside from capturing the everyday moments, Albert Cyprys enjoys using photography to capture special moments in life such as vacations or milestones like a graduation.
2.      Noticing the mundane details. Now that he’s developed the “photographer’s eye,” Albert Cyprys says that he’s been able to enjoy life more fully because he notices shapes, colors, people, textures, and other elements that aren’t so apparent. “Photographers view the world differently from everyone else,” says Albert Cyprys.
3.      Realizing the present time more fully. Since a great photographic moment can happen in the blink of an eye, Albert Cyprys understands the importance of truly living in the moment and paying attention to life as it unfolds around him.
4.      Documenting loved ones. As a man who’s always been close to his friends and family, Albert Cyprys enjoys documenting the power of love and emotion. Whether it’s for fun or for a paid project, Albert Cyprys relishes knowing that his loved ones can rely on him to document their important moments in life.
5.      Capturing an adventure. Albert Cyprys has had many adventures in his life. From travelling to Florida to see the NASDA car exhibition to visiting Hollywood, Albert Cyprys has been able to capture the images of his travels for memories and sharing with loved ones.

Albert Cyprys hopes to continue improving his photography skills and acquiring new techniques to share his perspective. Photography is a unique medium for people to share their creativity and worldview, and Albert Cyprys encourages others to take advantage of it.